Mid Century Veneer Repair


I found this Lane end table alone, abandoned in a thrift store.  Marked down to $1.00 and still nobody wanted it.  After looking it over it wasn’t hard to see why.  There was a bad burn in the top about the size of a quarter.


It was completely charred.  Crispy like so much burnt breakfast toast.  It was clear that I would be the one to rescue it from the thrift store and give it a new life.  The repair method I chose was to use a decorative walnut veneer patch.  I didn’t make any attempt to match the new veneer to the old and instead wanted the veneer patch to be obvious, similar to a dutchman joint.


Here’s the end result.  I’d say it was worth the work.  Another piece saved from the landfill.

I made a short video documenting the process.  Check it out below.  Thanks for watching!



3 thoughts on “Mid Century Veneer Repair

  1. Charles Rogers

    I have just discovered the videos that you uploaded showing how you do restorations. I may be old and have some knowledge but I learned a great deal watching your videos. Even my wife watched with me and commented, “At least he doesn’t care about having his face in front of the camera, or brag about his finished product.” I completely agree. One thing that I truly enjoy is the work taking place in your garage – not some high dollar workshop with tens of thousands of dollars of tools that the common man cannot afford.
    Great work in every case that I have seen.


    1. Archie Lamb

      100% Right
      There’s an honesty to his work that I love, no ego on display here.
      Here in Britain there’s thousands of people “Fettling” all sorts in their Garages
      From Motorbikes,old Furniture Golf clubs etc.


  2. Peter Panassow

    Finally got to your website. Awesome!!! So glad you’re restoring these beautiful pieces of furniture. You’ve inspired me to do the same.


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