Mid Century Veneer Repair


I found this Lane end table alone, abandoned in a thrift store.  Marked down to $1.00 and still nobody wanted it.  After looking it over it wasn’t hard to see why.  There was a bad burn in the top about the size of a quarter.


It was completely charred.  Crispy like so much burnt breakfast toast.  It was clear that I would be the one to rescue it from the thrift store and give it a new life.  The repair method I chose was to use a decorative walnut veneer patch.  I didn’t make any attempt to match the new veneer to the old and instead wanted the veneer patch to be obvious, similar to a dutchman joint.


Here’s the end result.  I’d say it was worth the work.  Another piece saved from the landfill.

I made a short video documenting the process.  Check it out below.  Thanks for watching!



Dresser In Need Pt. 3 / It’s Alive!!!

low2  New_1_New_1_res5

When we last left the Dresser In Need it was receiving some much needed veneer repair.  Much progress was made since then and it’s finally complete.  Joints were glued, wood was stained, shelf paper was removed and legs were fastened.

Let’s take a look….

low6After stripping the old finish we were left with this pale shell of its former self.

low5But after a little stain it’s coming back to life. I used Varathane American Walnut stain on this one.

bottom2bottom1Here we can see where the side panel was separating from the frame. Some new glue and a plethora of clamps and it’s back together again.

legsNext up was the legs. I’ve got a pretty sizeable stash of vintage pencil legs and attachment plates that I keep for just such an occasion. I found a set that were in great shape and just needed a few inches trimmed off and a fresh finish applied.  Now it’s ready to stand on its own four feet.

shelfI saved the best part for last – shelf paper removal. This is never a fun job. I usually attack it with a heat gun and a razor blade. If there’s any glue residue left it usually comes off with a scrubbing of mineral spirits.


The finishing touch was a fresh coat of satin lacquer and voila!  Not bad considering what we started with.

Thanks for following along and stay tuned for more furniture refinishing fun!

Dresser In Need Pt.2 / Veneer Repair Is Fun

Today’s order of business involves repairing damaged veneer on the dresser in need.  For this particular repair I cut a new piece of veneer just slightly bigger than the damaged area, placed the new piece over the damaged area and traced around it with a razor blade, removed the excess material and glued in the new veneer. I find this method sometimes works better than trying to cut the new piece to match the shape of the damaged area.

Here’s the damaged area with the new piece next to it.


Here I’m scoring the line that I traced around the patch. Hmmm, somebody needs a manicure.
Once sufficiently scored I’ll remove the excess material and the new piece will drop right in.


And there we have it. The new piece is glued in. I’ll place a clamp on it and go do my nails while it dries.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the Dresser In Need. Ooooh, can you stand the suspense?!?!