Broyhill Saga Restoration Pt.1


The Saga as I found it. In need of a refinish.

We now present the saga of the Broyhill Saga dresser restoration.  Broyhill is probably best known for their Brasilia line but their Saga collection was no slouch either.  Broyhill described Saga as “a fresh twist to the New_1_sagaScandinavian furniture story”.  As a matter of fact, the label’s three crowns represent the three kingdoms of Scandinavia:  Norway, Swed
en and Denmark.
How’s that for useless trivia? Impress your friends with that little tidbit at this year’s holiday party. You can thank me later.


Doors with painted vertical stripes.

The finish on this piece needs some attention.  The worst areas are the top and the drawer fronts.  The finish on the doors is in pretty good shape.  The doors have vertical stripes that are painted on so I’m hoping I won’t have to strip them since that would remove the stripes.  I’ll do my best to match the new finish to the original finish on the doors.


The first order of business was to strip the old finish off.  I used my usual process of Citristrip followed by a wipe down with fine steel wool and mineral spirits.  The finish on this one was pretty thin so it came off without too much trouble.

Saga after stripping. Note the lighter contrasting wood on the legs.

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of the saga of the Broyhill Saga!