Dresser In Need Pt.2 / Veneer Repair Is Fun

Today’s order of business involves repairing damaged veneer on the dresser in need.  For this particular repair I cut a new piece of veneer just slightly bigger than the damaged area, placed the new piece over the damaged area and traced around it with a razor blade, removed the excess material and glued in the new veneer. I find this method sometimes works better than trying to cut the new piece to match the shape of the damaged area.

Here’s the damaged area with the new piece next to it.


Here I’m scoring the line that I traced around the patch. Hmmm, somebody needs a manicure.
Once sufficiently scored I’ll remove the excess material and the new piece will drop right in.


And there we have it. The new piece is glued in. I’ll place a clamp on it and go do my nails while it dries.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the Dresser In Need. Ooooh, can you stand the suspense?!?!

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